Mr. Sergei Millian was born in the Republic of Belarus. In 2015 Mr. Millian was appointed to be a Regional Chairman of Beijing-based HuaShang-Worldwide Chinese Merchants Union Association where his main role is supervision and assistance in Chinese outbound investment of the companies’ owners/members of the organization. The members are CEO-level executives. The association has presence in over 100 countries.


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About Sergei Millian

International Businessman   |   Investor   |   Philanthropist   |   Expert   |   Public Speaker

Prior to holding current position, Mr. Millian served as President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA from 2006 to 2016. Under his leadership, Mr. Millian helped grow the organization’s membership and clout by strengthening community and intercultural ties between Russian and American businesses. The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce assists American and Russian business owners with international trade and commerce, investment, tourism and overall business development.

Mr. Millian attended the Academy of Business Administration by the President of the Republic of Belarus, where he studied international law. He graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University, where he also studied Foreign Languages and Diplomacy. He possesses dual citizenship of USA and Belarus. Mr. Millian speaks seven foreign languages: English, Russian, Belarusian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic(basic).

Mr. Millian supported several charity organizations, he was a Board member of Children’s Homes Charity and patron and organizing committee member of Russian Children’s Wellfare Association.

Moreover, Mr. Millian was a member of the Presidential Trust of RNC of the Republican Party, Board member and Senior Advisor of International Commerce Cooperation Organization and a member of The National Republican Club of Capitol Hill in Washington DC.


Sergei Millian had been a figure in the New York real estate scene, even appearing in this episode of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.



Through this book, embark on an emotional journey into the life of Sergei Millian, his struggles and quest against time and destiny. Witness the past unfold reading through the actual letters written by Sergei himself to his father, photos of their family and beautiful poetic creations by Miledzi Kukuts.

It is a sincere effort to touch upon the everlasting bond between a father and a son, a bond that nurtures, grows, cares, shakes but remains forever through happiness and triumphs.
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